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Chiaki Yosano






Second Year





Chiaki Yosano is a sophomore at TACP, aiming for his dream of entering the medical field. Known by his friends as 'Chiyo' for short, Chiaki is friendly and easy-going, able to make new friends easily.

Has grey, slightly greenish hair and bright blue eyes.

Winter Uniform: completely regulation, including dress shoes.

Winter Casual: hoodless black jacket over shirt with green scarf/green long sleeve and jeans

Summer Uniform: untucked shirt

Summer Casual: half-sleeve v necked shirts. hipstery



Awkward richkid, one-sided family friends with Matthew.

Gaming with Friends

In the tea ceremony club with Matsuri.


His shadow has issues with imposter syndrome, insisting that no one really understands him, and he's not as cool or as smart as people think he is.

School Life



Awkward horrifying hatemance with Aeryn. Didn't mind Sgrub too much.

Personality and Traits

he actually wants to get close to everyone so he could have actual FRIENDS who have like... some idea of who he actually is, which happens to be kind of a weirdo pervert with an aeryn body pillow. attempts to have a (continually failing) rivalry with aeryn, mostly due to aeryn's disinterest

quick learner, excels in studies/atheltics but is actually pretty aware of how terrible he is socially. dislikes being called "a prince" because he feels like he can't live up to it considered a genius by teachers and students alike, but not by himself

Something of a school idol. kind of a princey-aura and attitude but a tiny bit of a perverted or venomous tongue. doesn't tend to have a good sense of personal boundaries or personal space, likes to make big spectacles of little things.


Aeryn: He has a terribly strong and unrequitted crush on Aeryn, likely related to how he sees Aeryn as intelligent and perceptive. He likes Aeryn because Aeryn refuses to put him on a pedestal, or idealize him, or see him as anything other than himself. Ironically, he ends up doing those things to Aeryn, and he takes a lot of abuse because of it.

Albert: Sees him as rather loud and angry and overdramatic. Maybe if he calmed down a bit, he'd be alright.

Erica: tbc

Kaira: He tries to avoid Kaira, which can be difficult, since Chiaki usually follows Aeryn around, and Aeryn usually follows Kaira around. Kaira is usually hostile towards him, being somewhat protective of Aeryn, but otherwise, they are more or less neutral towards each other.

Matsuri: He sees Matsuri as a good friend, seeing as she's one of the few members of the group that can tolerate him for extended periods of time and actively tries to be friendly. He sometimes asks her for advice regarding Aeryn, much to her discomfort, since she can see how unhealthy their dynamic is and is unsure about what to tell him.

Matthew: tbc