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Erica Hanai
fuckin moe






First Year





Erica Sakine is a first year student at TAPC who is an extreme moeblob. Shy and quiet, she will usually not speak unless spoken to, unless she is close friends with the person.

She has pink hair, slightly longer than her shoulders and yellow-grey eyes. She wears round glasses.

winter uniform: no blazer. wears a red sweater vest over the dress shirt. stockings.

winter casual: pea coat with adorable hat/ white hoodie with pink horizontal stripe plus stockings

summer uniform: regulation

summer casual: skirt with whatever top i guess



erica is basically like FULL ON TRAINING to be like future wife (ikebana, naginata) and it's why matthew is all like WOW YOU'RE AMAZING but it's stressing her out as a kid already so she just lashes out at him like 80% of the time eventually it becomes less of a problem because of ~friendship~ which makes the confession EVEN MORE CONFUSING AND HORRIFYING FOR HER she bulldozes it through it so it's less of an issue when she's in high school but basically it fucked her up and that's why she's pretty reserved/shy now and she was made to get married off into a better family so like NO LOVE LIFE ALLOWED FOR SELF BUT ALSO I GUESS I LIKE MATTHEW A WHOLE LOT FUCK

Gaming with Friends

Becomes friends with everyone after Aeryn accidentally knocks her over and Aeryn buys her lunch.



The leader for the session.

Personality and Traits

Though she appears to be quite on-top of things, Erica is actually a slacker in terms of school work, usually leaving things until the very last moment. She tends to be overly naive and too trusting of people.

Due to having anemia, she's often prone to sudden fainting, weakness, and dizziness. Has been said to have 'super-luck', but this has consequences as well, as she is super clumsy, prone to embarrassment and various health problems.

Spends a lot of time playing various MMOs, where she is the very opposite of how she acts in reality. (Fight first, make friends later.) Enjoys collecting odd objects and will chase after things she wants. She likes all kinds of music (except country and rap), baked goods (sweets in particular), stuffed animals, drawing strange doodles, and collecting knives.

Hates worms. Also, Matthew Zhou.


Tends to get into pointless fights with Matthew Zhou often and can be said that she has somewhat of a love-hate relationship with him, as they're childhood friends.