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Kaira Kamisa




July 7


First Year


Discipline Committee, Choir




Reiichi Kamisa - Twin Brother
Aeryn Zhuang - Childhood Friend
Matsuri Satsumura - Childhood Friend

Genre Strengths

Social Sim

Genre Weaknesses

Survival Sim

Preferred Mechanics

Virtual Reality
Memory Replace
Online Multiplayer

Kaira is one of the main characters of TAPC. She is a first-year student and, though a bit cold, is fairly popular due to her strange ability to accidently attract people with her angry tsundere as well as being the leading member of the Disciplinary Committee. She is Reiichi Kamisa's twin sister.

She has very long, very straight dark navy blue hair which she occasionally puts up in a ponytail. Her eyes are bluish green.

She is mid-sized compared to the rest of the characters, but fairly tall for a girl.

winter uniform: blazer with red tie instead of ribbon, black thigh highs

winter casual: long jacket with fuzzy hood/ what troll!kaira is wearing

summer uniform: wears a tie instead of ribbon, black knee-highs

summer casual: t shirt and jeans or shorts


Kaira lives with her brother Reiichi in an apartment near the school. Their apartment is the same one that Erica and Matthew live in. She is childhood friends with Aeryn and Matsuri.

Gaming with Friends

Kaira meets most of the group through everyone else, except Albert who she meets when he joins her homeroom. She meets Erica through Aeryn, Matthew through Erica and Chiaki through Matsuri. She eventually half-forces Albert to join their group.

They start playing AR games and eventually get into the Touhou VR game and it turns out Kaira loves VR games. Unlike most of the others, she actually likes the memory-replacement part of games and pretty much always tries to convince the group to use it. Even after Sgrub. She also takes a liking to some of the more violent and controversial games. She sometimes plays Corpse Party and Battle Royale when she's not playing with the others. 



Has a dramatic matespritship with Reiichi, who dies in-game, but comes back as her sprite

Personality and Traits

Kaira can be described as fickle, to say the least. She has a habit of changing her mind about even the slightest things and then going and changing it back.

Kaira has a big inferiority complex, which she attempts to hide by talking down to people and being generally arrogant. She is extremely aware of her place in society and tries strangely hard to be among the best and hates it when she isn't. She is big on attention and tends to accidently (or not) make a big production out of the things she does. She is the self-declared rival of quite a few people.

She tries hard not to show too much emotion and usually covers them up with anger or laughter, though there are times when she is very transparent. She doesn't tell a lot about herself and often avoids conversations that steer to such.

Kaira is a music fanatic and will give anyone the time of day to talk about it. Due to the influence of Aeryn, she is a bit of a nerd herself and enjoys learning about random things and will accompany her on excursions to places.

Her main hobbies are singing and dance, photography and video gaming.


Kaira is closest to her brother, Reiichi, as they are twins and live together as well. They are supposedly very close, even though they spend almost all their time arguing. She is surprisingly protective of him and has a 'noShe considers Reiichi to be her number one rival.

Aeryn is her closest friend even though they spend a lot of their time teasing each other. They are together almost as much as she is with Reiichi and Kaira is equally as protective.

She treats Erica like a sister and is very clingy and protective of her.

She views Matsuri as an older sister figure and treats her more politely than most others and is quick to listen to her requests. She is still fairly protective of her, but isn't as clingy with her.

Most of the boys are at odds with her and she prefers to not go near, much less talk, to any of them.

She will occasionally talk to Matthew, but often under strained circumstances, especially in regards to and in the vicinity of Erica. Unlike with the other guys, she tends to keep a fairly level head around him.

Conversations withChiaki are usually irritating to say the least. She occasionally resorts to some sort of half-assed violence to ward him off but usually just yells at him a bit.

Her interactions with Albert are, by far, the most volatile. The majority of their 'conversations' are spent being angry and/or yelling at each other for whatever reason. She never really gets violent with him, though; apparently she would rather just use her words.